5'10 bare foot
 150 pounds with a strong Amazonian build.
Heel size  US 11 EU 41, with long toes, and high arches
Hair  long layered platinum blonde.
Heritage German and Dutch.

I knew as a young women I was different.
This uniqueness was something I did not shy away from then, and most certainly do not now.

It’s an awareness of power that only a woman can hold and wield with such acceptance. It draws and magnetizes those who are willing to bask and submit to it with a curiosity, but above all a respect and trust to give oneself over. 

I have an empathic warmth, but a presence that demands respect, a respect you must earn.

If you care to play cat and mouse, and tease with nonsensical fantasies you never plan to see through. I am not the one for you. 

However, if you are open to getting to know and understanding your true raw self, then I will  consider guiding you safely and intensely to limits and boundaries. These boundaries, over time, will over time flex and bend to my will and desires. 

I have always been a part of the creative community, and was introduced to the world of Fetish and Feminine Power at a young age. I have over 15 years professional experience. This experience has taken me all over this amazing world, and I have played with some of the best and the brightest Dominas.

I started in Chicago, and trained under a skilled Thai Domina, by the name of Jade Steele. I then quickly advanced and absorbed new knowledge and skill sets. Once an independent (not at a house) I started teaching classes, lectures, training, and then touring with international fetish balls.

I take my craft and my time seriously, but I do enjoy and love to laugh.
My style is warmly intense.
I have extensively studied human anatomy, as well as holistic arts. That combined with my background in  international business creates an interesting balance.
The energy exchange is very important, and must be respected by both Dominant and submissive.

If you are an energy suck and do not plan to give and only take, then we are not compatible. When you are ready to truly serve, then you may send a polite form of submission.

I look forward to seeing you…down on your knees.

You may submit here