Are you new or experienced?
Be honest and open, it is the best way to ensure we have a wonderful time together.  List your experience level, as it is all relative. Be respectful of me as a person, and respect my time. 

  • I am not your girlfriend or an escort. I do NOT offer any illegal activity, or intimate worship. Go elsewhere.
  • I will not tolerate "Hey what's up" forms of writing.
  • I will not read long winded emails.
  • If you are rude, a misogynist, or a time waster, you will be placed on the Banned List.
  • If we have never seen each other you must provide references. 
  • If you do NOT have references or experience, a deposit is required. You can learn more on my Tribute page.
  • If you aren't sure, or don't know when yet, do not contact me until you do.
  • Send specific date/s and time/s when you are available to serve.


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Name is Mandatory